Creator & Author Introduction – Nick Brigham

Nick Brigham

Who am I

I am the creator of The Brain of Brigham and most of the content found on this site is from my crazy brain. I am married with two awesome kids and an amazing wife. I value family over everything else and they always come first in my life. I love to explore various topics and ideas and share them with others. I usually have several projects going on at a time.

Primary Interest

  • Games (Tabletop, Computer, Yard Games, etc.)
  • Real Estate
  • Health and Wellness
  • Comedy
  • Inspiration

Why Make This Site?

This site as a repository for all my ideas and different things I come up with. These things may include ideas for real estate, computer game tips, or a fantasy world I am building. I have started to get into using digital tools to make digital art and similar things as well so I have those you will see those too. I have broken down everything into the categories Tim Ferris uses in one of his books “Tools For Titans”. These include Wealth, Wisdom, and Wellness.

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